OASIS Features:

  • Runs stand-alone or via the Concurrent Manager
  • Helps develop triggers and procedures without knowledge of ERDs and DFDs
  • Reports technical operations from forms and concurrent programs
  • Review application user activity over a designated time period
  • Document program execution and validate custom code development
  • Save development time, reduce risk and improve technical skills

         OASIS is an acronym for Oracle Application SQL Investigation Script and is a dynamic program for reporting database activity on Oracle Financials, Distribution, and Manufacturing Applications.

         Developers and administrators can be overwhelmed with extending or enhancing Oracle Applications functionality. OASIS helps with these challenges by reporting on "Entity Relationships" and "Data Flows" associated with Oracle Applications and delivers the data needed to support your development and administrative staff in a fraction of the time it would take without it.

         OASIS can save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity by determining the underlying activity of virtually any form or program. OASIS can query any user and application, including Auto Install, Concurrent Manager, Feeder System, Initial Setup, Sysadmin, etc.

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