Project Summary

  • Use of Oracle Replication for International Downline Genealogies
  • Parametric Design Standards for Compensation Plan Enhancements
  • Extensive use of memory-based processing on the latest Oracle Databases
  • Integration with the Oracle Accounts Payable Module in Oracle Financials
  • Internet-enabled Real-Time Reporting and Administration Functionality

Rexall Showcase International

As an Oracle Showcase Site award winner, the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Compensation Plan of Rexall Showcase International can be considered one of the greatest Distributor Sales Compensation Models in the world. Built with leading edge Oracle Database Technology and coupled with a custom Oracle application for Distributor and Order Management, the system has enabled Rexall to enter new ground and gain a significant competitive edge in the MLM vertical industry.

The main role of Niche Consulting Group in developing and building the system was to create the architecture to support the Uni-Level and Stair-Step Breakaway style plans. The highly parametric model that was developed is based on multiple levels of down line genealogy as well as distributor's sales performance. This parameter driven flexibility is a prime reason that Rexall now is able to quickly adapt to the changing environments and conditions of a multi-level business.

Rexall Showcase International operates its Compensation Plan in a global, multi-currency and multi-language environment, and as such was designed to enable payout from global sales volumes according to a predefined base currency and base language character set. These truly global features allow Rexall to grow its business by adding distributorships in new countries around the world, and serving them in their respective language and currency on rapid deployment timelines.