Project Summary

  • Upgrade Rexall's Oracle 10.7 Application to an 11i Release
  • Migrate Enrich's BAAN Applications to the new Rexall Oracle 11i Release
  • Combine all international instances into one 11i "Multi-Org" configuration
  • Global efficiencies gained through centralized MRP and Supply Chain enhancements
  • Reduction of data centers and resources for support via Internet enabled Applications


In growth oriented vertical markets, there is always a necessity to evolve. Under the umbrella of Numico, the Rexall Showcase International and Enrich divisions merged to create a new and exciting company. Combining the companies required utilization of a single vendor's Enterprise software solution and as Oracle Applications were already deeply engrained at Rexall, the decision to migrate away from Enrich's BAAN environment was the logical choice.

Using Niche Consulting Group's expertise, the client also decided to combine the BAAN migration effort with an Oracle 11i upgrade already initiated on Rexall's Oracle 10.7 installation. The upgrade/migration was an international effort which combined several instances located in various countries into a single centralized Oracle 11i Applications installation. This new architecture fully leveraged the new web-based deployment of Oracle's ERP solution and enabled Unicity to realize huge savings in annual operating costs. Furthermore, new operating units could now be brought online in a fraction of the time with reduced training and setup costs.

Oracle's 11i Internet enabled Applications offered major efficiencies in many functional areas including a centralized MRP model and Supply Chain enhancements. Combining international instances not only reduced application and database administration requirements, but also reduced the number of world-wide data centers and resources required for support.