Project Summary

  • Insight into available inventories from Oracle's Inventory Application Module
  • Products by Style-Color-Size options for the Consumer Purchasing Model
  • Previously used Ship-To Addresses retained for enhanced Ordering Features
  • Sales Tax Calculations performed in Real-time as integrated with Vertex
  • Processing of Order Shipments through Oracle's Order Management Application


As a company with one of the oldest and greatest brand names, Tupperware innovated the Distributor Party oriented sales model. Although Distributor focused, Tupperware, like many other companies, decided to take its products to the world wide web.

Simple and easy to operate web stores have become the norm at many companies worldwide. Given these requirements, Niche Consulting Group assisted Tupperware in the design and development of a web store enabling orders to be taken directly by the end consumer. Coupled with Oracle's Order Entry Module, Tupperware now manages product orders from a central distribution center and employs a diverse distributorship model. The addition of the consumer business to the Internet formed a natural enhancement of Tupperware's product offering.

To enhance its historic sales model, Tupperware thus chose new channels for product exposure. In addition to the reputable Tupperware Party, Tupperware products can now be found on the Home Shopping Network, in mall kiosks, and also on the Internet. As companies become more devoted to increasing sales, Niche Consulting Group is there to assist with innovative e-commerce solutions.